Recent Main Meals

I have to admit that my surprise this week was trying the Lo-Dough and making a pizza. Oh my word I loved it! Of course you have to syn the cheese and the chorizo that I used but it was a first attempt and I am hooked!

Second to that I think was the macaroni cheese (seems to be a theme here!). My hubby loves the pancetta carbonara (me too) and I also love the ease of the smoky sausage stew where I just threw the ingredients in my slow cooker and left it to its own devices. Anything for an easy life! Especially while I am trying to find work – something that is rather difficult as you get a bit more mature….

Before, during and after

I suddenly realised that I hadn’t shown you the photos of my journey. So above -from left to right – you can see my photo early in 2012 while holidaying in Mallorca in my Spanish football shirt. Here I am at my normal weight.

The middle photo is just before we returned to the UK to live. This was taken I believe in about 2014 before I reached my heaviest. I don’t look very happy!

The last one was taken just a few weeks ago. Excuse the seriousness of the photo but I was checking out what to wear to an interview! However you can see the difference.

It is always necessary to document your journey as there is always so much that you don’t remember or just plain didn’t realise. I never realised just how heavy or big I was getting!

Just a few more meals to enjoy

Main meal of pork medallion, jacket potato and vegetables
Pork medallion, jacket potato, vegetables
Main meal of liver and bacon with potatoes and vegetables
Liver and bacon, potatoes and vegetables
Main meal of slow cooked gammon, potatoes and vegetables
Slow cooked gammon, potatoes and vegetables
Lunch of spaghetti on wholemeal toast, mackerel and cucumber
Here is a lunch time couple of slices of toasted wholemeal bread spread with some quark and topped with spaghetti and a side of cucumber and mackerel
Main meal of risotto with left over meat, vegetables and prawns
Just one of my many variations of risotto that I love to cook – so easy and quick in my Cook’s Essentials multi-cooker. Will post a photo of that later.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

In fact the journey actually began on 26th March 2016 when I joined a local slimming group. I had already been trying it alone by doing their plan online but felt that I needed the moral support and friendship that a group meeting brings.

I had 2 stone 3 pounds to go to reach my target weight and it seemed a long way to go.

Here are a few of the meals from my first week.  This is not intended to be a recipe site as such but if anything takes your fancy just leave a message and I will happily put the recipe on here for you.

Burger, chips (done the healthy way), eggs and salad
Ratatouille, Ribs, jacket potato and baked beans
Chilli with rice
Roast dinner with one Yorkshire and plenty of vegetables and a jacket potato
Lunchtime pasta salad with tuna
Corned beef hash and a couple of eggs
These are little egg muffins that are OK to eat at any time as a snack or to be added to extras at lunchtime.
Nothing quite like a ‘fry up’ of slimming sausages with bacon, mushrooms, eggs, baked beans and tomatoes.
Chicken drumsticks, potatoes and plenty of vegetables.