Addendum to my Kefir post

In my previous post I mentioned that Kefir can also be made using non dairy milks such as soya or nut milks. However on researching further I would like to add the following.

The grains do not get nutrients from these non dairy milks and will die if this is the only milk you sit them in. It is necessary that you only use grains that have already sat in full fat cows/goats or sheep milk for at least 3 sessions. This will feed them up as they need the lactose in this milk to survive and multiply. This isn’t available for them in non dairy milk.

However if you operate a rotation system as follows you can then use nut milks for your vegan kefir.

  1. After your grains have sat in full fat dairy for at least 3 sessions you can proceed as follows.
  2. Sit your grains in the nut milk for 24 to 48 hours (it will be thinner than dairy).
  3. Sieve as normal.
  4. Repeat.
  5. After 2 or 3 brews pop them back in full fat cows/goats/sheep milk for 24 hours so they can feed.

Continue with this rotation and your grains will happily make the probiotic and remain healthy.

Don’t forget – remember the grains MUST be put back into dairy milk at least once in every 3 brews or they will die.

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