When I started my lose fat after 50 site (should really be renamed after 60 now!) I never really considered that it would lead off in so many directions.

I know that no one lives forever but I intend, if possible, to remain as active – mentally and physically – as I can for as long as I possibly can.

So where has it lead me?  Well so far from the physical side it has sent me off to Slimming World where I got to my target weight and have remained there for 3 years so far; to yoga and Pilates classes; to having an interest once again in makeup and skin care; to studying Nutrition – Natural Therapy and Scientific; to now studying Vegetarian and Vegan Diet and Anti-Ageing.

Where will it lead me to next?

Join with me on my journey and I hope that my successes (and mistakes) will help you on your journey.

Stay safe!