Nutrition and me – revamped

Now as we emerge from the Lockdown and attempt to live the new normal it is time to be grateful. After one minor problem which resulted in blood tests being undertaken I am grateful that except for a very slight elevated cholesterol level and slight inflammation I am healthy!

Therefore it is time to continue with my studies into diet and nutrition and to adjust my meals, where necessary, to ensure that I do all I can to not only lose those final few pounds but to reduce the cholesterol levels to normal, to aid with the inflammation that flares every so often due to some arthritis in my neck, and to boost my immune system.

I will still post photos of my meals because I need to visually recall them but at the moment I am using an app on my phone from MyFitnessPal to judge my daily nutrition. I also print off these daily reports so that I can look to see where I need to make improvements.

As far as exercise is concerned I have continued to walk my dogs for an hour each day and my Fitbit announces the 10,000 steps each day – and more. For suppleness the yoga class that I attend each week continued to hold classes via Zoom all through the Lockdown and to this day they are still awaiting the clearance to go back to the hall. However some people have now got used to yoga via Zoom (including my dogs) and it certainly beats the long drive in the bad weather!

Anyway that’s all for now as I’m now going to do the next lesson in my Nutrition Course.

Bye for now.