Nutrition – Natural Therapy Approach

It is believed that given the right conditions your body can heal itself. Disease is believed to have been caused by not providing your body with the right physical, mental and spiritual conditions. Therefore if you provide your body with the right conditions you can heal yourself.

Stress, digestion, absorption, , circulation and elimination are the five things that need to be in balance.

Our cells are the miniature factories that need to be completely nourished and waste eliminated for without that being done they will not function properly and may die. Everything begins and ends with our cells.


Digestion is the breaking down of food so that the nutrients can be absorbed and directed to our cells.  Blood carries the nutrients from the digestive system to the cells.

We eat food, our digestive system breaks it down into tiny particles, we absorb the nutrients into our blood and our blood carries them around the circulatory system to our cells.  Excess waste is then eliminated via the kidneys, skin and bowel.

Eat – digestive system – blood circulatory system – cells – waste – elimination

IMPORTANT:  We need a healthy

Digestive system

Circulatory system

Elimination system

Processed Food

When we eat low quality food we fail to give our bodies the right nutrients and we overwork the waste system as it tries to get rid of worthless food.  We are therefore using up vital energy that should be used elsewhere for more important things like keeping our immune system functioning correctly.


It is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy and not to rely on someone else to make us healthy or to blame if it all goes wrong.

Orthodox medicine believes that disease is separate from you and happens by accident and do not appreciate our body’s own regeneration ability.

At all times we are in varying stages of health or illness and illness is the final stage when we have ignored the warning signals.

The warning signals are:

Tiredness – failing energy – mental confusion – irritability – indigestion

The signals state the body saying that it can’t cope and that it is run down.  The run down state is the cause and the disease is the effect.

When you treat the “effect” only and not the “cause” the problem will reoccur again in some form or another.

You must identify and treat the cause and provide the body with the right conditions so that it can get on with its own healing.

Primitive versus Modern Diet

If we go back to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of the caveman we can better understand our nutritional requirements.

There were no storage facilities and limited cooking facilities and we ate what food we came across.

For example:

  • We would eat a raw and mono diet most of the time as we would gather food such as apples as and when we came across them on an apple tree.  They would be eaten in season, unsprayed and rich in vitamins.
  • The enzyme rich food enabled our digestive system to work perfectly.
  • Meat would have to be caught and killed and was an occasional treat. 
  • There was plenty of fresh air and exercise and food was eaten slowly and relaxed.

It should be noted that food eaten at the right time, when it is in season, is full of natural enzymes and these enzymes are the catalysts for the digestion and metabolism of our food.

Compare this to our modern diet.

  • Nearly all fruit and vegetables stored will have lost their enzymes.

But that is not all bad as due to improved hygiene and drugs we have conquered infectious diseases such as TB and Smallpox.


We are now getting nutrition-related degenerative diseases and stress related diseases such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Hypo glycaemia (low blood sugar)
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer

It is essential that we undertake dietary discipline to overcome these.

Our Distant Ancestor

Our distant ancestors ate a simple diet without much variety at each meal and were therefore less likely to eat incompatible foods together.

A variety of foods together are good for the taste buds but disastrous for the digestive system!

Different Stages


Digestion is the first stage in giving our bodies the fuel it needs to sustain us.  If the digestion isn’t working then we are in trouble!

There were no fridges so food was eaten mostly raw and in season and packed with those enzymes.  Cooking above 41.9⁰C destroys these enzymes.  It should be noted that a pressure cooker cooks at 120⁰C, boiling water is 100⁰C and steaming 100⁰C.

The meal would have also been eaten in an unhurried and relaxed way.  This gives time for the cardio vascular system (circulatory system)  to divert blood to circulate and transport the nutrients to the abdomen and efficiently deal with the digestion.

If eaten with plenty of fibre this enables the elimination to be regular and efficient.

Compare this with the modern day when food is generally low priority stuff eaten in a stressed state.  While in a stressed state it means that adrenaline is pumping around our system.  The blood is therefore being diverted away from the digestive system and into muscles ready for the “emergency”.

This causes:

  • Poor digestion
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence and Illness